How To Become A ServiceNow Developer

If you’re interested in becoming a ServiceNow developer and want to know how to become a ServiceNow developer, this article will give you all the information you need. 

We’ll start by explaining what it means to be a ServiceNow developer. We’ll talk about some of the skills needed for this role and also what roles and responsibilities should a ServiceNow developer has to fulfill.

If you want to become a ServiceNow developer, there are a few steps you should know about. First, you need to ensure that you have the requisite skills and knowledge to do the job. You will also need to have a strong understanding of how ServiceNow works and what it does. In addition, you will need to understand how programming languages work so that you can write code for your projects.

Who Is ServiceNow Developer?

How to become a ServiceNow developer

ServiceNow Developers are the people who make ServiceNow work for you. They’re responsible for implementing, integrating, and maintaining custom applications built on the ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that provides an enterprise service management (ESM) solution. It supports IT organizations in managing all aspects of their business, including IT services, applications, and infrastructure.

ServiceNow developers work with ServiceNow’s graphical user interface (GUI) to create solutions and applications for clients and build new features into the existing platform. They use a variety of programming languages and frameworks to build their applications, including Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and PHP.

The team typically works on projects for clients or partners who want to leverage the features of the service management platform. The developer then creates code to implement this functionality across various organizational departments using the platform’s APIs.

Role And Responsibilities Of A ServiceNow Developer

The role of a ServiceNow Developer mainly focuses on application development, integration, and customizations. Rather than these, there are some other roles and responsibilities a ServiceNow developer has, which we are going to mention below.

Focus On Application Development, Integration, and Customizations

A ServiceNow developer help in building practical solutions for customers using open source technologies such as Java and . NET.

In this role, you will be responsible for creating custom applications that are scalable and flexible to meet business needs. You will also work with other developers to design solutions that solve complex problems by integrating with external systems like Salesforce or Oracle databases.

Know The Requirements Of a Client and Develop Applications Accordingly

As a ServiceNow developer, it is necessary to know the requirements of a client and develop applications accordingly. The applications you developed should meet your client’s needs to achieve business goals.

The first step towards achieving this is understanding your client’s business requirements and designing an application that fits their overall IT strategy. It is recommended to start with low-risk projects such as simple workflows or reports instead of developing complex applications from scratch. 

Once you understand how things work, you can move into more complex projects like creating custom fields or screens without any issues.

Creating Different Components Such as UI pages, UI macros, Scripted Web Services, etc

ServiceNow application development is a process that involves the creation of different components such as UI pages, UI macros, Scripted web services, etc. This is done using the ServiceNow development toolkit, which supports code generation and database schema definition using JSON format.

The various components that are used in ServiceNow application development are:

  • UI pages: These will be used to define the user interface of your application
  • UI macros: These can be used to create reusable code that can be called from other applications
  • Scripted web services: Web services are nothing but server-side scripts accessible over HTTP protocol which provides functionality similar to traditional desktop applications but without requiring any installers on client systems

Other Responsibilities Include Database Management, Data Sets, Migration, and Customization To Integrate Functionalities

As a ServiceNow Developer, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Database management and maintenance. You should be able to set up, configure and manage data sources in ServiceNow, such as tables, views, indexes, and database privileges.
  • Data setting up. This includes creating new fields for various types of objects in ServiceNow, like entities, components, etc., customizing existing fields by adding required validations or other business rules, and configuring system parameters.
  • Migration from legacy systems to ServiceNow. You should know how to migrate data from legacy systems like CMDBs/MOVEit/LDAP Servers so that it can be integrated into your existing environment with minimum effort required on your part and others involved in this process.
  • Customization includes making changes to the existing functionalities, which may not have been allowed by default but are essential for specific scenarios needing special attention due to their nature (for example, security rules).

How To Become A ServiceNow Developer?

How to become a ServiceNow developer

Get The Programming Expertise (JavaScript)

If you want to become a ServiceNow Developer, the first thing that you need is programming expertise.

JavaScript is a programming language that is used to develop web applications. It is also used for developing mobile apps and desktop applications. The language is easy to learn and is the most popular programming language among developers today.

The ServiceNow platform uses JavaScript as its primary scripting language, which means you need to be familiar with it to develop applications for this platform.

Java is another popular programming language that can help you create web applications. It’s used by many companies, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Netflix, and many more.

Suppose you want to become a ServiceNow developer. In that case, you must get some experience working with Java before starting your career as a full-time developer on this platform.

Know Software Project Management

To become a ServiceNow developer, you also need to know software project management. That’s because the primary job of a ServiceNow developer is to manage the development of the application itself.

ServiceNow is an enterprise software platform that helps companies manage their operations through various applications and modules. To build these applications and modules, developers must understand how other applications are made and work together within an overarching system.

A ServiceNow developer should be familiar with Agile methodologies and practices and other methods like Waterfall or Crystal Clear, used in large-scale software development projects.

Software Project Management helps you plan your tasks using Gantt charts, PERT, or CPM diagrams. It also allows you to track your tasks using work logs and checklists. You can create task dependencies between them, enabling you to know what needs to be done when your project’s completion date is not delayed due to an individual task taking longer than expected.

Have Cloud-Computing And IT Specialization

The third most important skill you need to become a ServiceNow developer is cloud computing and IT specialization. This will help you gain the experience and knowledge required to become a ServiceNow developer.

Cloud computing is a technology that allows users to access their data over the Internet instead of having it stored on their computers. Cloud computing enables users to store files and other information online to access them anywhere.

IT specialists know to manage computers, networks, and other hardware devices. They are responsible for setting up new systems and ensuring they run smoothly.

Suppose you don’t have any prior experience with IT or cloud computing. In that case, it’s recommended that you take some courses in these areas before moving on with your career as a ServiceNow developer. If you don’t know where to start, plenty of resources online can help guide you through this process.

It’s also vital that you keep up with the latest trends in technology because this will help ensure that your skills are always current, even if they aren’t directly related to ServiceNow development during your career path as an IT professional working in this industry.

What is The Future of ServiceNow developers?

How to become a ServiceNow developer

Now take a glimpse of what ServiceNow developers can do in the future. The scope to build new applications and services is huge, and the demand for these developers is overgrowing. With so many opportunities available, ServiceNow developers will have no shortage of jobs or income for years to come.

ServiceNow Is The Most Successful and Rapidly Growing Cloud Company

ServiceNow is the most successful and rapidly growing cloud company. It provides Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps IT organizations manage their IT services. In other words, ServiceNow is a software company that develops cloud-based enterprise management software.

ServiceNow has over 95,000 customers, including major brands like Pfizer Inc., Toyota Motor Corp., and Bank of America Corp.

ServiceNow Provides Job Security, High-Paying Salaries, and Good Opportunities For Career Growth

ServiceNow is the most successful and rapidly growing cloud company. The company has become a leader in the industry, with its share of market demand growing rapidly to become one of the largest software companies worldwide.

ServiceNow provides job security, high-paying salaries, and good opportunities for career growth. The company is known for its high-quality products and services and excellent customer satisfaction record. 

ServiceNow’s growth is driven by demand from both consumers and businesses around the world who value its innovative technology solutions that help them improve their business operations (such as inventory management or customer service), save time through automation tasks (such as incident tracking), increase revenue with new products/services offerings(customer analytics), achieve compliance standards such as GDPR (data privacy laws), etc.

ServiceNow Has Huge Market Demand

ServiceNow is the most successful and rapidly growing cloud company that provides job security, high-paying salaries, and good opportunities for career growth. The company is expanding its operations across all sectors of the IT industry. If you are looking for a career in this field, ServiceNow is your best bet for a secure future.

ServiceNow has seen a tremendous increase in demand since its inception due to its dynamic offerings and strong customer base. As the demand increases, so does their revenue which means there’s great potential for employees and customers who want to use this platform.

The Scope To Learn New Technologies Are Also High With ServiceNow Developers

The scope to learn new technologies are also high with ServiceNow developers. ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that allows developers to work with multiple technologies and platforms like Ruby, Java, and JavaScript, which are the backbone of this solution. 

The service management software can be integrated with other applications through APIs (Application programming interface) or connectors that allow integration of various services like Salesforce CRM, Gmail and Google Docs, etc. 

This means the developer does not need to learn any new technology to integrate them with the service management software.

Many new technologies can be used with ServiceNow. Some of these include Docker Compose file format for development environments, Node JS for building extensions on top of Web Services, and Angular JS for building frontend apps using the MVC framework, etc.,

ServiceNow Is Amongst IT’s Fastest-Growing Companies

ServiceNow is a company based in San Diego, California, founded by Frank Slootman. In 2018, it was ranked as one of the fastest-growing tech companies. The company has over 10,000 employees worldwide (with more than 700 located in Austin) and continues to hire at an increasing rate.

Since its inception, ServiceNow has clarified that they plan to grow its employment base exponentially over the next few decades. They have also stated that they plan on hiring many more developers within the next few years.


By following this guide about becoming a ServiceNow developer, you can make a bright future in this field. Or, if you want to hire a professional ServiceNow developer to fill up the crunch in your IT sector, then Revenue Dealer’s expert developers are always here to help you.

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Q: Is Java required for ServiceNow developers?

A: Java is not required to become a ServiceNow developer. ServiceNow is a platform that allows developers to build custom applications on top of the ServiceNow platform. The platform includes a development environment where you can write Java code and then deploy it to run on the ServiceNow infrastructure. However, Java is not required for this process. You can use any language you want to build your application, from Python to Ruby.

Q: Is Python used in ServiceNow?

A: Yes, Python is used in ServiceNow. The ServiceNow platform supports many programming languages, including Python. The language is used to develop custom apps on top of the ServiceNow platform and perform some tasks within the platform itself. For example, Python is used to process data from other systems into a format that can be integrated into your ServiceNow instance.

Q: Is ServiceNow a good career?

A: In short, yes: it’s a great place to start your career. The company offers a variety of entry-level positions with room for growth, as well as senior leadership positions for those who want to take on more responsibility. ServiceNow is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, and they’re currently hiring in over 100 cities around the globe.

Q: Is coding required for ServiceNow?

A: Coding is not required for ServiceNow, but it can be helpful in certain situations. ServiceNow is a platform that allows you to manage your entire organization’s customer service processes, from the initial request through resolution. You can use it to create a process map for every customer interaction and see all of your data in one place. You can also automate workflows using rules automatically triggered when certain conditions are met.

Q: Is ServiceNow front end or back end?

A: ServiceNow is a front-end application. It does not store any user data, and it does not do any processing on its own. Instead, it interacts with backend systems to retrieve and present information to the user.


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