Terms of use


  • SupportCrunch (a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc) provides its clients with outplacement or outsourcing services, including the placement of remote contractors.
  • The client has asked SupportCrunch (a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc) to offer its services for the placement of contractors.
  • SupportCrunch (a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc) will provide the services to the client according to the terms and conditions of this service agreement.

The following is the agreement:

Defining and Interpreting

The definitions and meanings for this service agreement are found in Schedule 1.

Day-to-day Operations - Agreement

Terms and conditions posted on SupportCrunch's (a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc) website cover day-to-day activities such as client requests for service, selecting SupportCrunch employees, and other day-to-day activities related to this contract.

It's acknowledged by the client and agreed upon that this agreement does not create an employer/employee relationship. Liability for choosing appropriate employees rests with clients. Hiring is done for independent contractors based on local guidelines.

Employees don't have any authority to enter into contracts on behalf of clients. This agreement doesn't create any partnership between clients and SupportCrunch employees.

Time Scale

This contract will be month-to-month in nature and begin on the agreed-upon start date. The warranty will remain in effect until it is terminated following clause 12 of the agreement.


Payment must be made within the time specified in Schedule 1, found on the SupportCrunch (a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc) website. The provisions of Schedule 1 are incorporated into and form a part of this contract.


SupportCrunch (a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc) will not be liable for any loss, damage, costs, or compensation (whether direct or indirect) caused by The Client. Included are the following cases:

  • Any delays in SupportCrunch introducing SupportCrunch staff.
  • When a SupportCrunch employee refuses to accept an offer or a task.
  • Associated with a SupportCrunch employee's performance

Client's Indemnity

In the following circumstances, the client will be responsible for paying to SupportCrunch:

  • Indemnity for injury or damage to a SupportCrunch employee while performing their duties for the client.
  • Indemnity for property damage resulting from a SupportCrunch employee's actions while performing services for the client.

If any claims are made by a SupportCrunch employee concerning termination of services, the client must indemnify SupportCrunch for them.

Employees Of SupportCrunch Are Not Allowed To Be Hired Directly

The Client agrees to pay SupportCrunch $15,000 for each SupportCrunch employee that the Client hires directly. When this contract is terminated, no SupportCrunch employee who has worked for the Client or has been offered a role in the past 12 months can be hired by the Client. No payments and pricing information regarding SupportCrunch and its employees will be shared with Clients.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

Any intellectual property rights in any work created by a SupportCrunch employee will be transferred to the client.


The parties represent and warrant that, as of the effective date of this agreement, there are no actions, claims, proceedings or investigations pending or threatened against either party or by either party that may have a material effect on the subject matter of this agreement.


If the second party breaches the contract, it must correct the issue within five business days. If a client becomes insolvent or makes an assignment into bankruptcy, that client's rights to access and use the software services immediately terminate.

The client can terminate an employee's position when that employee has been working for less than six months or more than six months, but only if 60 days notice is provided. Upon termination, all confidential information about SuppotrtCrunch must be returned to it by the client.


A client who hires SupportCrunch (a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc) will have to agree to the terms of service listed on our website. This agreement goes into effect as soon as the client does one of the following:

  1. Requests services;
  2. Appoints SupportCrunch to provide services;
  3. Selects a SupportCrunch employee; or
  4. Makes a payment listed within Schedule 1, including but not limited to setup fees, monthly fees, and charges on any SupportCrunch invoices (whatever happens first).

Fee Structure

SupportCrunch (a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc) accepts two forms of payment: prepaid payments and regular monthly payments. Credit cards, Debit cards, and Bank accounts can be used for online payments.

SupportCrunch (a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc) also accepts electronic fund transfers (EFT) from clients with Indian currency bank accounts. If a client makes an advance payment, that payment will be applied to the first invoice.

SupportCrunch (a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc) will send a reminder notice 21 days before each scheduled payment date if a client pays by direct debit. Any overtime charges due to SupportCrunch may be refunded within two weeks of their invoice date if necessary.

A Lack Of Resources

If the client does not pay SupportCrunch on time, SupportCrunch may suspend your employee for five business days. If you do not correct the problem, SupportCrunch will terminate your contract.


Employees at SupportCrunch have the right to request time off on public holidays in their area.