Support Crunch is a product of Infobirth Innovations Inc, a talent management platform that helps tech companies build remote engineering teams. We use artificial intelligence to identify and recruit top-tier engineers and then provide the tools to manage them as they work remotely.

Our mission is to provide you the support to fill the crunch of skilled IT staff and help your team thrive as they grow by creating a remote culture that supports you as you start & scale your business.


Key Features And Benefits

SupportCrunch is a platform that allows companies to find, hire and get support from developers worldwide who can help you with any task.

With SupportCrunch, you can find developers who have been verified and certified by our team of experts.

With our automated pricing system, we make sure that you only pay for the work done by our developers.

We match your company with highly qualified candidates who have proven their abilities in the roles you are looking to fill.

When you work with our developers, you will have an introductory trial period to ensure that their skills meet your needs.

Our talent has the experience and ability to convey complex concepts clearly to all stakeholders.

We continuously train ourselves in the latest technology, industry trends, and best practices to keep our skills current.

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