Customers charge no up-front fees. Invoices for customers who have employed the agency are paid on a week-monthly basis (according to the contract terms).

We believe that effective communication is the basis for successful remote work. Therefore, we offer a secure and professionally managed platform for communication between parties, including email, phone, and Skype. In addition, all of our employees are trained to maintain their messaging precise and up-to-date.

Yes, from the first two weeks into the engagement, almost any dissatisfied customers are permitted to cease the job without needing to pay anything. Work-seekers are billed each day until the work is accepted by the customer or by case B) a substitute or a termination agreement is executed, or the only get is going after two weeks. The customer can negotiate a trial period after a fresh hire or replacement.

Along with hiring a developer from SupportCrunch, the company assigned you only one dedicated employee.

We allocate only two job seekers for a particular job, and contract work is terminated. We try our best to prevent such cases in our screening process, which screens job applicants very stringently.

Because we are fully staffed with developers, we do not often leave. However, we are well trained with backups, so we prevent you from experiencing any inconveniences.

We are entirely different from other services offered to customers because we pre-screen all the contractors on our system and examine their credentials extensively before they are allowed to become fully embedded. We provide free of charge two weeks of trial periods for customers so they can test out our resources in terms of quality of work to decide whether they want to work with us.

Our developer spends 40 hours per week, and we entertain field trip requests up to 160 hours per week. Depending on the specifications, we will discuss the possibility of extending terms.

We accept valid credit cards, bank transfers, and similar payments.

We have a carefully crafted communication and management procedure. This includes several online programs, including Zoho, Jira, and Skype, plus the Google Hangouts program.